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Savoirs et Pouvoirs

Savoirs et pouvoirs saw the light in 2020 following the pandemic Coronavirus intrusion and the constraints that ensued after the closure of Lebanese schools. Is distance learning really a difficult mission to accomplish? Never when teachers of all subjects and of all cycles collaborate to facilitate the task.

Under the direction of Mrs. Clara Lakis , this site will be a place of cultural exchange that allows all teachers to upload and download resources and assessments but also to search or order what they need. This site will upset traditional learning patterns by offering free of charge various resources which could be of great use. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to improve the content of our site.

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Communication platform between teachers to discuss educational and intellectual subjects.

Because the teachers deserve to have their own platform, we have created this virtual "teacher room" which will allow us to ask questions, discuss together and also to launch decent critical judgments.


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